Why this association ?

" When we began working with Patrice DELAVEAU, we always clearly defined our objective, which was to enable him to stay at the highest level for as long as he so desired. This is still our objective.

For many months, we met up, sometimes separately, sometimes all together. We learnt more about each other and observed each other’s way of being and doing. and then began looking at the way of being and doing. We had such a lot in common… We then suggested to Patrice to view things from another angle. The project began to come into being… we exchanged ideas, thoughts and finally decided to realize this dream together. Henceforth creating JUMP FIVE.

This form of association in a common structure goes far beyond projects that are usually undertaken in France’s show jumping world. We are four partners in the same company, an owner and three riders, who have decided to gather around a long-term project. Because there is always strength in numbers, our objective is clearly to combine our experience, knowledge and means, enabling these talented riders to maintain themselves at the highest level for as long as possible.

It is important that each of us is able to keep our own style. Furthemore, we will be together sharing the good times (of which there will be many), but also and above all we shall be there to support each other through difficult times (of which there will be some), and bounce back… Sharing success and defeat ... this is a real team for the long-term.

JUMP FIVE allows us to look ahead, far into the future… together. "

  • Haras des Coudrettes

    The story of Haras des Coudrettes is one of meetings: of people but also of horses. It is a story about following the heart. We wanted to enable our partners, both riders and horses to go the distance. The partnership between a rider and a horse isn’t created overnight. It requires a huge amount of work from the rider to make the horse of his choice a true partner; a prerequisite for success at top level.

  • Our facilities

    In an exceptional setting in the heart of Normandy, two hours from Paris, our facilities are modern and top of the range: arena 40×70, manège 30×60, lunging ring and the Avraincourt ring, a walker, paddocks …

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