JUMPFIVE originated in June of 2012 with the establishment of a partnership between Patrice Delaveau, Emmanuèle and Armand Perron-Pette (from Haras des Coudrettes). These well-known personalities decided to face the future together as a team, by combining their expertise and experience, with the objective of building a top-class stable on a solid, sustainable foundation.

JUMPFIVE is the label of five partners eager to change attitudes and breathe new life into the practice of their chosen sport

JUMPFIVE is a label conveying the five fundamental values of top-performance sport: Passion, Excellence, Performance, Ethics and Perseverance, all supported by Team Spirit

JUMPFIVE is also engaged in five areas of activity: Competition, Training, Coaching, Breeding and Commerce in the service of top-class competitors, horse breeders, merchants and upcoming young talents.

To this end, JUMPFIVE is making available to its riders, partners, owners and associates a five-star establishment located in Lower Normandy near Deauville, comprising in HARAS DE LA FORGE.

JUMPFIVE will simultaneously initiate a horse training programme at HARAS DE LA FORGE, where promising young horses will be prepared for top-level competition.

Beginning in mid-November, JUMPFIVE will launch a coaching programme at the HARAS DE LA FORGE facility providing top-quality advanced training sessions (in show jumping, coaching, mental preparation, fitness training, etc.) under the direction of JUMPFIVE rider Patrice Delaveau with the special participation of experts.


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